PV solutions with German engineering precision and quality

SOLARNET is an international company specializing in the turnkey construction of photovoltaic plants at commercial, industrial and large scale level. Our solutions are reliable, affordable and profitable, thanks to the integration of technologies, high quality services and years of experience throughout the complete value chain.

We guarantee our clients the optimization of all technical and financial factors. Our energy solutions maximize profits while minimizing construction risks and reducing energy costs. The security and reliability of our services are an important attraction for financial institutions and investors who require solid and secure business in the long term.
Our greatest strength is the precision and excellence in the execution and speed of installation.

The construction of a photovoltaic system represents a complex procedure in which different actors take part and simultaneous processes are developed, which require an exact coordination to achieve the successful construction of a photovoltaic plant. Our specialists guide our customers professionally during all stages, offering solutions with high technical standards, constant and reliable quality in the long term and all at a very competitive price.

We appreciate and maintain important business values and practices that are reflected in the conduct of our employees such as: reliability, constant quality maintenance and systematic improvement in all our processes.