solarnet energy network
solarnet energy network
solarnet energy network


EPC plus

E Engineering

  • Planning Contracting
  • Energy Yield Assessments
  • Design & Engineering
  • Plant Optimization (technical and economical)
  • Social planning
  • Ecological planning

P Procurement

  • Logistics Management

C Construction

  • Project and Construction Management
  • Grid Connection
  • Turnkey Handover

Project development

In this phase the prospective site area is checked, bought or leased for the realization of the plant. A first technical plan is drawn up to complete the planning approval. We support our customers with all the necessary technical information to speed up the licensing procedures.

  • Development Coordination
  • Technical Consultancy
  • Systems Design
  • Quality Assurance
  • Planning Contracting


SOLARNET helps in search for financing. We activate our contacts within our own network. In addition, while building risks are minimized, financial institutions have great comfort in financing the investment under quick response times.

Power Purchase Agreements

An important enabler for the successful implementation of a solar system also under self-consumption is agreeing terms for selling the energy surplus. We provide off-taker contacts for our customers who will further benefit of their power purchases.