Agility, precision and speed of installation

The construction of our photovoltaic power plants is carried out under strict supervision of our engineers in every country, in order to guarantee the maintainability of our quality standards. We have certified local partners who are carefully selected by complying with our defined selection standards. They bring their knowledge and experience of local conditions and we master the technique nurtured by our international experience. A team of experts, familiar with the different aspects of the design sets the basis for a successful completion – minimizing risks and costs.

SOLARNET builds with standardized processes and systems and proven components. The result is high precision and speed in the installation, ensuring optimum performance of the solar system in record time.

What sets us apart is the exact fulfillment of all necessary formalities in each country for the installation of a photovoltaic power plant:

  • Holistic quality control
  • Specialized construction management of all trades
  • Incoming goods check of all components
  • Prefabricated and pre-developed system solutions
  • Project documentation according to IEC (Int. Electrical Code)
  • Compliance with workplace safety
  • Compliance with health regulations
  • Detailed hazard analysis of all trades & work steps
  • Design and compliance with logistics concepts
  • Product training of subcontractors
  • Ground-friendly mounting
  • Restoration of the property to its pre-construction condition.
  • Protection of the environment and landscape
  • Minimum waste generation