Engineering – Passion for technology and energy

SOLARNET has a qualified team of engineers committed to technical excellence. This selected group of specialists successfully developed high-quality solar systems in different countries in the world, which work with optimal performance.

Several years of hard work in an interdisciplinary team together with tier 1 manufacturers have resulted in important improvements for several photovoltaic components. For all our installations we use only components to meet SOLARNET Standards. In some cases these standards have become commercial standards of different brands in the world, what speaks for itself of the technical capacity of our specialists.

This level of quality is distributed throughout the entire value chain generated by our company, it covers from the smallest technical detail to the most decisive aspects of the installation. It is not limited to the joint development of better components, but it spreads out to all levels, reflecting in the way of thinking, the attitude of our employees, negotiations with customers and suppliers and in each and every one of the processes and systems used. This enables SOLARNET to offer an incomparable solid quality in the realization of PV power plants that sets it apart from its competition.

The technology is constantly developing as well as our sense of combining different components under different conditions in different countries. We are confident that carrying out work with high quality from the first step in planning to the last installation cable in the implementation, the success factor becomes visible in our installations. This requires a lot of discipline and hard work, which ultimately reflects the performance of our solar systems.

„I am proud of the products I have developed and can easily identify myself with these components.”
Christian H.