Security through the application of products, systems and processes of the highest quality. SOLARNET is unbeatable in procurement.

We have a team that has been dealing with the purchase of photovoltaic components for more than 15 years. Three criteria guarantee the safe purchase of reliable components:

  1. Long-term experience in the purchase of photovoltaic components
  2. Qualitative selection of products and suppliers. We evaluate and carefully select our suppliers.
  3. Qualification of products and suppliers. We check our suppliers down to the smallest detail so that the quality chain is not interrupted.

All these factors guarantee a great standard of security in performance, which banks and large investors very much appreciate and require.

We are convinced that the use of high-quality components as well as the best local suppliers is decisive for the optimum and stable performance of a photovoltaic solar system. Technological development and the generation of significant scale effects from the maturity of the photovoltaic industry as well as the benefits of the SOLARNET volume enable us to offer our customers the best products at the best prices on the market.